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Pre-Release Educator Survey

These books are part of the Max Juby Books in Schools Program, supported by Canada’s mining and exploration industry.

As an educator or librarian you can download  (or already have downloaded) a PREVIEW COPY of one of Max Juby’s books of epic poetry about mineral exploration and prospecting in northern Canada!

Enjoy the Free Educator Preview Download in either Kobo or Apple ebook (epub format), Kindle ebook (kpf format), or Adobe Acrobat (pdf format)  so that you can review the book for suitability to your school or  school board.

All we ask, in return, is to complete this short questionnaire to help us better position these books for other educators. (You may also optionally post a review on GoodReads, Amazon, or Chapters websites)

Pre-Release Educator Survey
3. I am a
4. Which book have you previewed?
5. I have read this book, and find this book suitable for the following grades (select all that apply)
6. In my school or school board (the organization named above) my students have access to the following (select a rough percentage that applies (a guess is okay)
KOBO (epub format)
KINDLE (Amazon’s kpf format)
TABLET (can read pdf or epub, depending on “app” installed)
SMARTPHONE (can read pdf or epub, depending on “app” installed)
DESKTOP/LAPTOP (typically pdf format)
PAPER (no devices in the above list)
7. In our school/ school district we have access to interne
8. Are you interested in being part of the Books in Schools Program (free books)
9. Does your school have a policy regarding a book donor’s name stamped or gold-stickered on the book cover?
Thank you for taking this survey!

If you answered "yes" to the interest to participate in the Max Juby Books in Schools program, please complete the Contact Us form and we will re-connect shortly.

We welcome you to share this Preview Copy Download page with other teachers or librarians. FOR EACH TITLE PREVIEWED you have previewed, please complete questions 1 through 5, to help us ensure most grade-appropriate distribution for our titles.

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