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Max Juby Christmas Songs!

These songs are new for 2020. Hope you enjoy them,as well as the spirit of the season! We’ve put Max Juby YouTube videos of each song’s performance, below each song’s lyrics for you all to enjoy!

Chocolates and Dolls



Sing Christmas Carols
And thank Santa Claus
He brought us presents
Chocolates and dolls.


So let’s gather around
And sing those Carols
Watching the tree
And the way it sparkles

.From top to bottom
It ‘s decorated to please
Topped off by
Presents that tease.

Happiness and glee
Are on parade
Memories of this time
Will slowly fade.

Another Christmas was enjoyed
It impresses all
Santa was here
He met the call.

Copyright. (c) Maxton L. Juby , 2020.

Santa Is So Busy


[F] Yes Santa is coming

[C] He has his sleigh

[G7] And those reindeer

[C] Know the way.


[Am] Santa is busy now

[Em] He knows time is slipping by

[C7] He has to get ready

[G7] The festive season is [C] why.


[Am] Yes Christmas Time again

[Em] Is approaching fast

[C7] So many things to do

[G7] As he has done in the [C] past.


[Am] Number one is the sleigh

[Em] And then those  Reindeer

[C7] Will have to be ready

[G7] As Christmas does [C7] appear.


[Am] He’ll surprise families

[Em] There’s gifts for all

[C7] He has a plan

[G] He’ll meet the [C] call.

Copyright © Maxton L.  Juby,  November 24,  2020.

Big Expectations


[D]  Santa Claus for sure

[G]  Is on his way

[ A] People are celebrating

Happily sing and [D] play.


[G] That snow has been falling

[C] Winter is now underway

[D7] There are presents to deliver

And Santa is ready with his [G] sleigh.


[G] So many plans there are

[C] So much to do and see

[D7] Santa will make sure

Presents are under the [G] tree.


[G] The Reindeer are anxious

[C] To get on their way

[D7] So many people celebrating

They have lots to sing and [G] say.


[G] So much joy is felt

[C] Christmas bells will ring

[D7] And big expectations

bout what Santa will [G] bring

Copyright  ©  Maxton  L.  Juby,  2020.

Christmas Time


[F] Christmas Time

[C] Celebrations for all

[C] Santa is here

[G] He met the call.


[C] You’ll see him soon  [C7] [F] Most people went to bed

[G] Reindeer pull that sleigh

With Santa all in [C] red.


[C]  Expectations are high   [C7] [F]  There’s lots to cheer about

[G] Christmas is here

No one wants to be left [C] out.


[C] Christmas Carols and Bells   [C7] [F] Are in the air

[G] Santa is busy about

He sure does [C] care.


[C] Yes celebrations for all      [C7] [F]  That’s the Christmas joy

[G7] Many a happy

Girl and [C] Boy.


Copyright ©  Maxton  L.  Juby,  2020.

About Christmas


[F] Yes about Christmas

[C] All do sing

[C7] Such happiness

[G7] As bells [C] ring.


[Am] From one house to the next

[Em] Santa has them in mind

[C7] There has to be presents

[G7] For people to [C] find.


[Am] He carries that pack

[Em] As he moves along

[ C7] Every now and then

[G7] He hears a [C] song.


[Am]  He’s all part of the action

[Em] The Reindeer too

[C7] They move that sleigh

[ G7] All part of the [C] crew.


[Am] Celebrations abound

[Em] The bells do ring

[C7] And carols float by

[G7] All take part and  [C] sing.

Copyright    ( c )  Maxton  L.   Juby ,     2020.

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