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I would like to thank Judy Baker and Argo Gold, who have been early sponsors of the website  and the Max Juby “Books in Schools” Program

Max Juby - singing Log Cabin Blues (on Vimeo)

I have written over 800 poems and published over 180 songs…. see me perform some of them!

Who is Max Juby?

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Max Juby was born in 1931 on a Quebec farm and graduated from McGill University. Most of his professional life was spent prospecting and exploring for gold and other minerals; this involved extensive travel and lengthy periods of time in and around small mining towns across Northern Canada (the “bush”). His principal employer was well-known Canadian mining entrepreneur J.P. (Pat) Sheridan Sr. Max is now retired and lives in Montreal with family.

In 1979, Max discovered his writing bug and has since written over 800 poems, some published on and some compiled in 20 books. He has written over 7,000 songs, singing and performing some 280 of them in various locations including Reno, Nevada and on YouTube. Max has had his website for 2 years and today, at age 90, continues his prolific production by writing two or three new songs every single day.

Into the Bush-Stories of Prospecting Adventures, told at PDAC 2013

Max Juby Interview at PDAC 2013

We found this video in the archives, with an interview at the 2013 Prospectors &…

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First Four Books to be Published by Maxton Juby

Maxton (Max) Juby announces publication release dates for First Four Titles

Maxton (Max) Juby announces the re-release of three of his previously self-published books, Black Pearl…

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Max Juby Educator Pre-Release Survey

Pre-Release Educator Survey Created

In anticipation of the release of the first books for the Max Juby Books in…

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Max Juby Christmas Songs 2020-2021 - Front Cover

Max Juby has published a book of his recent Christmas Songs

These songs were written by Max in 2020 and 2021. Enjoy! These are the songs…

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Max Juby at PDAC 2013

We found this video in the archives, with an interview at the 2013 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (“PDAC”) convention, held in Toronto. He tells an interesting story (well, several) about his early prospecting years in the 1950s, and even sings one of his songs,

The interview was beside an escalator, so please excuse the Musak in the background, and some construction noise.

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