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Max Juby – Home Page

I would like to thank Judy Baker and Argo Gold, who have sponsored the website  and the Max Juby initiative.

Max Juby - singing Log Cabin Blues (on Vimeo)

I have written over 800 poems and published over 180 songs…. see me sign some of them!

Who is Max Juby?

Mac Juby Youtube QR code
Mac Juby Youtube QR code

Max Juby was born in 1931 on a Quebec farm and is a graduate of McGill University. In his professional life he has been a gold prospector and geophysicist and explored, traveled, and lived in many small towns (and in the bush) across Canada working mostly for mining entrepreneur Pat Sheridan, Sr.  At 37, Max married an Italian widow in Red Lake who had three children and they had one more together. They travelled and lived in many places in Canada, the US and Europe with Max’s work and are now retired in Montreal. In 1979, Max discovered his writing bug and has written over 800 poems, some published on and some compiled in 12 books, and has written and sung over180 songs (and some jingles). Today, he is 89 years old and still prolifically producing new works.

Christmas Decorations On The Tree

Max Juby has published 4 new Christmas Songs

These songs are new for 2020. Hope you enjoy them,as well as the spirit of…

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